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Optical Disk Media Evaluation Hardware

Media Test

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For update history Diffract-GUI
1.191 First release.
1.192 Added FDTD and FLTR feature.
1.193 Added headlines to *.sys-files.
1.194 Tracer protocol
1.195 Added xyz-input in initial rays dialog
1.196 Bug in GeoSysView paste-function removed. New Initial-Rays-dialog.
1.197 New modeless 'Thickness'-dialog.
1.202 Diffract 8.1
1.204 Import of surfaces from proprietary specification files.
1.207 Export/import of Zernike coefficients.
1.213 Zernike coeffs. Up to 12th order(V8.1 only)
1.214 Export Zernike coeffs. As A.B(cos,sin) pairs
1.217 Editor for external MASK files.
1.229 Updated for Diffract8.2
1.230 Mask Editor,QUIT-area,Wavelength conversion revisited.
1.232 Mask Editor bug fixed:(loadBeam) rotation by 90 deg.
1.234 Inport of WYKO files. MaskEditor enhanced.
1.238 MASK-Editor:Zernike-Extraction.
1.255 CommandPanel and SurfacePanel with text.
1.256 ReliefView updated. GeoSysView updated.
1.264 CoordinateAnalyzer(MIRR,MLYR)
1.267 Numerical output resolution set to 8 relevant digits.
1.267 Bugfixes in GeoSysView,ReliefView,BitmapView
1.268 Selectable fonts.
1.269 New Configuration:Diffract8.3
1.270 SignalView:smaller default points. Bugfix:manual tick selection was disabled
1.273 length units in BitmapView
1.276 Workbench View:FDTD-Import displayed as head of anew line
1.279 DOE coating. Aspherical coeffs. Up to a21. modeless EDP dialog box.
1.280 Updating of EDP title corrected. Options made case-insensitive.
1.295 MASK editor:bitmap import/export and custom files import,script-interpreter
1.306 Import of Zmx-files in GeoSysView. DeskViews. RayTracer enhanced.
1.315 Upgrades for all Views and for MaskEditor
1.322 BitmapView and MaskEditor:Overlay detector shape.
1.325 New Configuration:Diffract8.4
1.328 Tilted cross-sections
1.330 Accepts PLOT date files with header
1.332 MaskEditor:Resize mask dialog. BitmapView:combine result inherits extent
1.334 Introducing DiskEditor for Diffract V8.4
1.337 BitmapView and MaskEditor:Overlay MASK shape.
1.341 user-defined columns in Workbench/GeoSysView command list
1.345 $-Editor:considering length-units
1.352 BeamEditor.Workflow-Script,CleanUp-command
1.377 Coordinate analyze for GRAT
1.393 MaskEditor:ASCâ…¡-sdf file import.
1.394 MaskEditor:Zygo files import(asc,dat,sdf,xyg)
1.413 GeoSysView Tools.
1.420 Workbench3D,first draft.
1.424 Student Editon:Maximum Mesh Size raised to 512.
1.427 MaskEditor:sliced matrices saved as Ey-component in *.dst files.
1.428 Zemax-Import,Fixed path to glass cats.
1.428 Handle destination plane inside the GEOP
1.428 Zemax import fix.(WAVM-lines,accept UTF16-files,set first surface at (0,0,0))
1.429 RayHitDialog(Spotdiagram):a doubleclick adjust isometric display
        of the graph(same resolution in x and y)
1.430 Workbench:accept stk-filecontent during paste operation.
1.430 Workbench:adding right click popup menu. Import-option.
1.431 Workbench:adding right click popup menu. MLYR/STK export-option.
1.433 Bugfix GeoSysView raytracer(spherical surfaces)
1.434 Edit Diffract Parameters dialog box kept open,center/span values in SpotView.
1.435 All child dialogs kept open in GeoSysView
1.436 Unicode glass cat file import.
1.437 Bugfix for DP-DISK with large numder of marks.

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