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Optical Simulation Software
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Optical Disk Media Evaluation Hardware

Media Test

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To view or print the PDF files, you must have Adobe Reader ®. Click here to download.

◎Trial Diffract
There are two kinds of "Limited Edition" and "Display Edition", running on 32bit, 64bit each, 7 Windows XP, Vista with both trial, the trial version Diffract is downloaded from the pages of the "Application Form" you will be able to.
Display Edition (525KB/ZIP)
The "Display Edition", there is no user operability, you can know the typical functions of Diffract. After you download your application form, on the hard disk, directory, for example, C: Create a \ Diffract,, please decompress ZIP there. Read it in the group of files to extract the "readme file", please follow the instructions.

Limited Edition (2.4 MB/ZIP)
The Limited Edition of DIFFRACT (including its Graphical User Interface or GUI) To download the Limited Edition, Click the button below and fill the application form and Download the LimitedDiffGUI.ZIP files (2.4 MB) . Unzip the LimitedDiffGUI.ZIP file and proceed by installing the LimitedDiffGui to a directory (such as C:\DiffDemo). you can refer the guide book GUIQuickGuide.pdf(600KB/pdf).

If you have any questions or comments, please ask Contact Us page.

◎DiffractーGUI Evaluation
Evaluation Package
There is a limit of Mesh size is 512x512, "Evaluation Package", you can use the full functionality of the latest evaluation. Please contact us from Contact Us page.

If you would like, you can download it from the pages of the "Application Form" to download a trial version. Under the "Application Form to" Please click on the button.

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