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A Finite_Difference_Time_Domain (FDTD) Simulator

This simulation package, which implements the FDTD algorithm on a nonuniform mesh, is designed to run as a stand-alone program as well as in conjunction with Diffract™. The interface with Diffract™ makes it specially powerful for simulations that involve near-field interactions with subwavelength structures as well as propagation through complex optical systems.

Sim3D_Max™ is a computationally intensive code that can run in parallel under Windows on a PC cluster. The user needs to download and install the Message Passing Interface (MPI) parallel software to take advantage of this feature. The powerful interface to Diffract™ notwithstanding, Sim3D_Max™ is a stand-alone simulation package, complete with its own integrated Graphical User Interface (GUI). All graphical and analysis functionality is carried out within this GUI environment.

Sim3D_Max™ software, micro and macro data exchange is possible with Diffract.
Sim3D_Max™ software are equipped with user interface GUI, the 3D-CAD and significantly reduce computation time by calculation of the standard cluster configuration and uneven spatial grid.
In addition, we offer high performance and shorter computation time significantly by Acceleware, we have a good reputation in a wide range of fields.

Sim3D_Max+GUI Demo version(154MB/ZIP)
We have prepared a demo version to help you understand more custmores useful features Sim3D_Max + GUI.
Try for Free to download from here.

Sim3D_Max ManualVer. 2.17(6.4MB/PDF)
Sim3D_Max GUI User Guide(2.9MB/PDF)
Sim3D CAD User Guide(1.4MB/PDF)
Sim3D_Max Key Features(1.3MB/PDF)
  From the above link, you can take a look to download (English) User Manual Sim3D_Max. The manual is PDF file format.

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