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Optical Simulation Software

Optical Disk Media Evaluation Hardware

Media Test
  - Overview
- Optical system
- Measurement data

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Media Test
Crystallization of the phase change rate measurements

Overview Optical system Measurement data

Media Test is a tool to study the development of the recording process of the optical disc recording medium.

The condensing superimposed on the disk the laser beams 2 that are similar in wavelength, one is for recording other recording film on the monitor beam from the moment the recording beam pulse width of several 10 ns is irradiated for monitoring I measured as the change in the reflected light in real time. Equipment is for the CD is for the 780nm, DVD is 650nm, corresponding in Blue is preparing a wavelength of 400nm.

‚óŹ Media Test Report (1.1MB/PDF)
You can be the link above, to see to download Media Test Report (in English). Please refer to the technology as a resource.

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