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M.Mansuripur Professor of Optics Laboratory University of Arizona is a worldwide authority Simulation Analysis of physical optics.
Diffract is a typical software developed by him, has many features not found in other commercially available software. Therefore, it is used in many optical fields.

Also, Sim3D_Max solves Maxwell equations for a variable time and space in the Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) method for the structure of the action of the light wavelength or less.
Sim3D_Max software, micro and macro data exchange is possible with Diffract.
Sim3D_Max software are equipped with user interface GUI, the 3D-CAD and significantly reduce computation time by calculation of the standard cluster configuration and uneven spatial grid.
In addition, we offer high performance and shorter computation time significantly by Acceleware, we have a good reputation in a wide range of fields.

"Classical Optics and its Applications" by Prof. M. Mansuripur is published from Cambridge university press shows various optical phenomena using Diffractand Sim3D_Max.This book is well read for users can understand the nature of light.

Is to be studied at the same university also optical disc-related devices have been commercialized in the German company TOPTICA.


Optical analysis software                                             
(MM Research, Inc ;Nonlinear Control Strategies Inc ;etc )


Optical evaluation equipment (TOPTICA)               

Media Test

2021.02   Sim3D Max Ver3.5 Release
2019.01   Diffract can also work under Windows 8.1, 10.
2014.06   DiffractGUI2012 ver2.130 Release
2013.12   With the Windows7 environmental transition from XP
             environment, customers detects which occurred
             in the run Diffract8.4, please contact us. We have
             provided free of Diffract8.4 latest executables.
2013.04   Diffract,Diffract-GUI_Catalog Download
2013.02   Posted for update history Diffract-GUI
2013.01   Diffract-GUI 1.435 Release
2012.11   Posted December seminar agenda.
2012.10   Performer capabilities of DiffractGUI2012,
             LOOP swing calculation parameters in Sim3D_Max is               now easily possible.
2012.10   DiffractGUI2012 Release

2012.09   Guidance Seminar Diffract-GUI
2012.09   Guidance Seminar Sim3D_Max-GUI

2012.09   Posted OverView of examples of Sim3D_Max
2012.07   Sim3D_Max Ver 2.18 Release, Win 7 support
2012.07   Acceleware NVIDIA GPU, such as C2075 support
2012.07   Multilayer Win 7 Compatible
2012.07   Diffract-GUI Win 7 Fully compatible
2012.05   Diffract-GUI 1.433 Release
2011.03   Diffract-GUI support the new data format of Zemax
2011.03   Exhibit LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA 2011
2008.10   Trial Sim3D_Max + GUI
2008.07   Sim3D CAD User Guide (English)
2007.11   Diffract, Diffract-GUI English Manual
2007.04   Sim3D_Max Ver 2.0 Release
2007.03   Exhibit Japan Society of Applied Physics
2006.12   Exhibit ODF Nara
2006.11   Exhibit Optics & Photonics Japan 2006
2005.10   Exhibit Niigata International Society near-field
2005.04   Diffract Ver 8.4 Release

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