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Optical Simulation Software
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Optical Disk Media Evaluation Hardware

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Optical System Simulation Software

Diffract™ is a Fortran-based program for calculating diffraction patterns at various cross-sections of the optical path in a coherent optical system. Wavefront propagation in Fresnel and Fraunhofer regimes,. Diffract runs under Windows XP, Vista or 7. Lenses, Waveplates, polarizers, Birefringent crystals, Optical disks, Holography, Polarized ray-tracing, GRIN lenses, Talbot effect, Diffraction gratings, Multilayer stacks, Optically-active materials, Coherent and incoherent imaging, Fabry-Perot etalons, Gaussian & diode laser beams, Interferometry, Phase/Amplitude masks, Seidel and Zernike aberrations, Mirrors, Prisms, Photodetectors, Diffractive Optical Elements(DOE) and more.In addition, we link (solving Maxwell equations with respect to time and space)FDTD , such as near-field optical simulation experiment is now easy.

GUI (Graphic user interface)
Provide a comfortable user environment to Diffract. For update history Diffract-GUI

Diffract Test Runs
Show an example of a typical simulation Diffract.

Diffract for a test drive! ("Display Edition", "Limited Edition")
We have prepared a demo version to help you understand more custmores useful features Diffract-GUI. Try for Free to download from this site.

Diffract-GUI Evaluation Package 
There is a limit of Mesh size is 512x512, "Evaluation Package", you can use the full functionality of the latest evaluation. Please from Contact Us page.

Diffract Manual (Ver 8.4) English (12MB/PDF)
Diffract-GUI Manual English (12MB/PDF)
Diffract,Diffract-GUI Catalog English (3MB/PDF)
  From the above link, you can take a look to download User Manual Difftact. The manual is PDF file format.


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